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Migration From Rails 3.2 to Rails 4 With Devise, Hstore, Facebook Oauth and Bunch of Stuff

In this article, I’ll try put best things thet I found, when I was upgrading one of my Rails app from Ruby on Rails 3.2 to Ruby on Rails 4.0.2.

  • Upgrade your Ruby version at least to 2.0(I would recommend 2.1)
  • Upgrade bundler
  • Upgrade your application to the most recent Rails 3.2 version
  • Check gems compatibility
  • Write more tests, they’ll be very usefull

I recommend to use bunch of usefull gems to upgrage your app step by step:
gem protected_attributes
gem active_resource
gem actionpack-action_caching
gem activerecord-session_store
gem rails-observers

So first – watch the video: (
Then modify your Gemfile, if you have an assets group, it needs to be removed…
Don’t forget:
– to update any gems that require something special
secret_key_base (you can use rake task: ‘rake secret’)
strong parameters
– …

Some links that may help you:
Edgeguides upgrading-from-rails-3-2-to-rails-4-0
Upgrading to Rails 4.0 from Rails 3.2 – Test case – Part I (preparations, configuration, gems)


If you’ll have a problem with devise strong(unpermited)parameters:

Comments are welcome – I think you mast finish this small article wiht your pain %)